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Eagle Projects

Boy Scout Troop 524 Scouts have completed as many Eagle Projects as we have Eagle Scouts that have benefited the surrounding community and beyond.  Eagle Projects teach Scouts leadership of others, organization and networking skills unparalleled to any other youth program.   


To the right you can see GPS Geotagging of Eagle Projects performed by Boy Scout Troop 524 Eagle Scouts powered by Google Maps. Click on a blue Placemark to learn more about each project.  To view a larger map click HERE.

Below are descriptions of past Troop 524 Eagle Projects along with project images.

Jon with filled wood shelter.jpg
Jon Mehl
Firewood Shelter - Faith Lutheran Church
October 16, 2022

Eagle Scout Awarded: April 13, 2023


Jon designed and built a firewood shelter for Faith Lutheran church to complement the firepit that his brother constructed for the church and the benches constructed by the Venture Crew for the church.  The church holds services outside in the summer and the firepit is used by the church and the surrounding community.

Michael Alexander-Sedey EP.jpg
Michael Alexander-Sedey
Church playground - St. George Coptic Orthodox Church
October ??, 2021

Eagle Scout Awarded: pending


Michael designed a bigger and better playground for his church to replace an existing one. He worked with the church and the city to figure out where to place it due to lot line restrictions. He obtained the help of parents, friends, members of multiple troops and the SBM Fire Department, and received donations for all materials.

John Eagle Project.jpg
John Bickford
Firewood Shelter - St. Patrick's Church of Ham Lake, MN
September 11 & 18, 2021

Eagle Scout Awarded: March 7, 2022


John's project was constructing a firewood shelter for the youth group outdoor gathering/bonfire space.

Evan Ressler
Animal Humane Society Donations
May 13 & 20, 2019

Eagle Scout Awarded: August 20, 2019


He solicited donations to help fulfill their wish list of items needed.

Michael Mehl - Faith Lutheran Church
Fire Pit and Patio
May 31 - June 3, 2019

Eagle Scout Awarded: July 24, 2019


Michael built a Fire pit and surrounded it by a 9' 9" circle of paving stones.

Matt Zastoupil
Cemetery Cleaning

November 19, 2016

Eagle Scout Awarded: July 10, 2017


Matt trimmed grass from headstones at Epiphany Cemetery. 

Eli Andrzejek
JROTC Equipment Closet


Eagle Scout Awarded: May 26, 2015


Eli's project involved refurbishing the JROTC equipment closets at Cretin-Durham Hall. 

Simon Wicks
Prayer Benches

August 15, 2015

Eagle Scout Awarded: June 22, 2017


Simon led the repainted over graffiti on the starting disc golf tees to enhance cleanliness and family use at Lochness Park Disc Golf Course.

Dominic Lucia
Prayer Benches

October 12, 2013

Eagle Scout Awarded: May 26, 2015


Dominic installed new prayer benches in a garden space outside of the Church of the Epiphany

Elliott Porwoll
Hospital Blankets

May 9, 2015

Eagle Scout Awarded: Date


Forty people turned-out to help tie fleece blankets to be donated to Gillette's Childrens Hospital. In all, Elliott made 65 blankets for use by children in the hospital.

Peter Caron
Brush Removal


Eagle Scout Awarded: March 25, 2015


Peter cleared brush at Hope 4 Youth a juvenile homeless shelter in Anoka, MN for a parking lot expansion at the site.

download (2).jpg
Nick Widstrom
Senior Center Concert


Eagle Scout Awarded: March 14, 2015


Nick organized a concert performance at the Epiphany Pines Senior Living Center

Branson Palzer
Picnic Tables


Eagle Scout Awarded: November 19, 2015


Branson designed and built picnic tables for use by children staying at the Alexandra House Women's Shelter in Blaine, MN.

John Schermann
Park Signs


Eagle Scout Awarded: March 14, 2015


John repainted park signs for the City of Blaine

Peter Romens
Flag Retiring Ceremony

August 2nd, 2014

Eagle Scout Awarded: November 19, 2014


Peter held a flag retiring ceremony for flags that were worn beyond their useful purpose and needed ceremonial retirining.

Blake Walczynski
Trail Kiosk

October 25 & November 14, 2014

Eagle Scout Awarded: January 14, 2015


Blake coordinated the building of a trail kiosk in Andover at the beginning of the hiking trail near 173rd Ave NW and 7th Ave NW.

Andrew Eischeid
Tree Planting


Eagle Scout Awarded: July 30, 2014

Andrew planted trees at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church in Isanti, MN.

John Portesan
Fishing Dock at Target Pond

July 26, 2014

Eagle Scout Awarded: March 25, 2015

John Portesan and a handful of scouts and adults installed a dock at the pond by the Target on Bunker Hills road.  It required scouts to get in the pond to help set posts and the dock itself.  The project took 2 days to complete

Tyler Thomas
Wildlife Science Center

September 28, 2013

Eagle Scout Awarded: April 22, 2014

Tyler led scouts to build a solid roof over the cage area on their raptor building. Snow buildup would rip the mesh creating an escape risk. In addition, Tyler one of the wolf groups had a den box that was starting to fall apart and Tyler volunteered to build the pups a new den box that could be disassembled and re-assembled inside the cage area. Lastly, they created black silhouettes of different raptors, bears and wolfs to add visual interst on the fences and buildings around the compound. The project cost $650 and took two days to complete.

Calvin Benson
Building Ball Pits for the YMCA

September 28, 2013

Eagle Scout Awarded:
March 14, 2015

Calvin design and built 2 Ball Pits for the Emma B. Howe YMCA in Coon Rapids.  The task hours and support staff will be updated at a later time.

Scotti Koskinen
Calvary Cemetery in St. Paul

October 19, 2013

Eagle Scout Awarded: March 5, 2014

Scotti cleaned and reset the headstones around 80 graves.  This project beautified the cemetery as well as helped the families find the graves of the friends and loved ones.  This task took 30 hours with the help of 8 fellow scouts and 4 adults.

Jake Ronneng
Performed concert for Epiphany Pines Senior Living

November 27, 2013

Eagle Scout Awarded: January 29, 2014

Jake orchestrated and performed a concert for the Epiphany Pines Senior Living.  (There were many hours of planning and rehearsals involved,  along with the actual concert time.)  The performers included 10 people from Coon Rapids High School. Many of the people in attendance were reminiscing, recalling their days of playing instruments.  Others were simply enjoying the music!

Matthew Choquette
Re-painted/Re-stained 7 Park signs for Blaine
September 14, 2013

Eagle Scout Awarded: January 14, 2014

​For his project, Matthew re-painted and re-stained seven park identification signs for the city of Blaine.  the boards were presented at a city council meeting after completion to show the council the fantastic work that was completed.

Max Schermann
Retired American Flags

September 6, 2013

Eagle Scout Awarded: October 17, 2013

Max obtained 44 flags and to perform a ceremonial burning of the retired flags for the VFW and American Legion posts near his home town.  This task took 58 hours with the help of 16 fellow scouts and 7 adults.

Andrew Roles
Park Signs

September 7, 2013

Eagle Scout Awarded: Not Yet Received

​The project put in two park name signs at Bonde Park and Northern Boundaries Park in East Bethel. It also included some landscaping around each sign. The project involved two teams of volunteers, one team working at each park to install the signs and landscaping. There was much prep work including routering the wording on the sigs, prepping the posts with predrilled holes and pockets and staining the wood.

Michael Larson
DNR Field Desks


Eagle Scout Awarded: July 14, 2013


Mike’s Eagle Project was to build field desks for the school forest program managed by the MN DNR.  The MN School Forest Program works with teachers to educate students about forestry topics. This education usually happens outdoors, however, teachers’ usually lack outdoor infrastructure for learning. These portable field desks serve 3 functions: 1) they let students carry materials like paper, pencils and measuring tools, 2) the removable clipboard/lid gives students a surface to write on, and 3) the box itself is a portable stool to sit on.  Mike organized building 45 desks which were delivered to Crossroads Elementary School n St. Paul, MN.  The students travel to a local park by public transportation.  To see more pictures of the project click HERE.

Jonathan Mullen
School Landscaping

July 14, 2013

Eagle Scout Awarded: Not Yet Recieved


Jonathan repaired/replaced the ineffective parts of an irrigation system in front of Epiphany school. This allowed them to plant new sod and creat new gardens. This task took 125 hours with the help of 12 fellow scouts and 7 adults.

Nathan Plante
Rolling Shelving Carts

June 7 & June 8, 2013

Eagle Scout Awarded: August 21, 2013


For his project, Nathan created 4 rolling carts for the Epiphany Environmental Committee for use around the church.

Bill Manion
Wildwood Park

May 18, 2013

Eagle Scout Awarded: March 28, 2014

Bill organized the removal and replacement of the rotting edge boards around the playground and replaced them with new pressure treated landscape timbers.  He was able to accomplish this task in 241 total hours with the help of 27 fellow scouts and 14 adults.

Troy Quesnell
Blaine High School Landscaping 

May 11, 2013

Eagle Scout Awarded: Not Yet Recieved


​Troy organized 60 individuals which included 30 students that put in over 170 hours in preparation and execution of this project. He solicited donations of equipment, supplies and money to help with the project.  He landscaped the Blaine High School grounds through plantings and mulch.

John Obermiller
Park Benches

October 16, 2012

Eagle Scout Awarded: April 16th 2013

John led scouts to install park benches at a park in Coon Rapids.

Tyler Palzer

Alexandra House Bike Rack

October 13th 2012

Eagle Scout Awarded: December 5th 2012

For his project, Tyler led the designing and building of a bike rack for the Alexandra House in Blaine.

Ian Durbin
Soccer Shed

September 8th 2012

Eagle Scout Awarded: December 5th 2012

For his project, Ian led the designing and building of a soccer shed in Shoreview.

Brandon Plante
Trail Benches

Eagle Scout Awarded: October 25th 2012

For his project, Brandon installed park benches for the City of Coon Rapids along their Coon Creek Regional Trail.​  View more pictures of the project HERE.

Zachary Porwoll
Bird Houses

August 25th 2012

Eagle Scout Awarded: October 24th 2012

Zach's project involved making and installing bird houses.  Scouts used 
wheelbarrows for mixing cement, shovels and post-hole diggers for digging holes to install the houses.

Isaiah Schick
Grave Stone Cleaning


Eagle Scout Awarded: July 10th 2012

For his project, Isaiah led the cleaning and identifying of the gravestones at Epiphany Cemetery which involved removing overgrown grass around the stones.  View Epiphany's online Grave Search results HERE, which Isaiah helped to make complete.

Gabriel Andrzejek
Care Packages for US Troops

January 7th 2012

Eagle Scout Awarded: June 14th 2012

collected money and items to send to our armed forces oversea's. His goal was to put together 50 care packages but ended up being able to send 73 oversea's to the troop's.

Michael Schermann
Music Recital

Eagle Scout Awarded: June 13th 2012

Michael's project involved planning and performing a music recital at two different nursing homes, 
Epiphany Pines in Coon Rapids and White Pines in Blaine

Joseph Murphy

Park Shelter Painting
September 9, 2011

Eagle Scout Awarded: June 13th 2012

For his project, Joe led scouts in the repainting of picnic shelters at the Coon Rapids Lions Park.

David Trudeau
DNR Field Desks

July 24th 2010

Eagle Scout Awarded: October 18th 2010

David's project consisted of making Field Desks for the MN DNR. The project will took place at Mr. DeRusha's house at 8:30 AM on July 24th. Adults used table saws, and routers and scouts glued and nailed the boxes together.

Matthew Krepsky
Memorial Fountain

Eagle Scout Awarded: October 4th 2010

For his Eagle Scout project, he led the installation and landscaping of a memorial garden at fire station three in Blaine, memorializing three children who lost their lives in a van fire in Blaine in 2002.  
The memorial garden dedication ceremony was attended by scouts, police officers, firefighters, and family members of the children who are being memorialized.  You can watch video from the dedication ceremony HERE.

Brandon Kimball
Baseball Benches

Eagle Scout Awarded: August 11th 2010

For his project, Brandon replaced 4 baseball benches and cleaned up the grounds at L.O. Jacobs Elementary School, in Coon Rapids, MN.

Joseph Kollodge
Garden Benches

Eagle Scout Awarded: January 11th 2010

Joe led the installing of park benches for a garden at PACT Charter School in Ramsey, MN along with installing butterfly houses there.

Chris Caron
Street Landscaping
July 9th 2009

Eagle Scout Awarded: December 7th 2009

Landscaped at Families Moving Forward in Minneapolis, MN which helps with homelessness.  He led the planting of multiple maple trees spaced 30' apart with lilac bushes in between. They surrounded the trees with several potentilla flowers and mulch.  Learn more about the project HERE.

Andrew Jacobs
Park Landscaping

Eagle Scout Awarded: August  25th 2009

Andrew's project involved numerous improvements and landscaping at Carrara East Park in Blaine, MN.  He repainted park benches, planted trees and installed retaining wall blocks around the park sign along with landscaping.  View more pictures from the project HERE.

Collin Plante
Playground Wood Replacement

Eagle Scout Awarded: July 14th 2009

For his project, Collin led scouts in replacing old wood surrounding Nelson Park in Coon Rapids, MN with new wood.  View more pictures of the project HERE.

Bruce Thibodeau
Wood Floor Repair

Eagle Scout Awarded: May 5th 2009

Bruce led the sanding and repair of wood floors inside the Westminster Camp Ajawah facilities.

Jeremy Wolf
Chimney Swift Tower
October 11, 2008


Eagle Scout Awarded: April 28th 2009

For his project, Jeremy worked with Audubon Minnesota a non-profit that specializes in bird habitat rehabilitation to build Chimney's for the Chimney Swift birds. The birds are a threatened species due to the lack of hollow trees for making nests, therefore requiring chimney's.  He worked with Audubon to place a tower at the Aveda Headquarters in Blaine, MN. View more pictures HERE.

Patrick McDonald
Picnic Tables and Benches

Eagle Scout Awarded: April 21st 2009

Patrick led scouts in creating picnic tables and benches for his church Spirit of Christ Lutheran in Ham Lake, MN.

Kyle Brandes
Picnic Tables and Benches

Eagle Scout Awarded: March 17th 2009

For his project Kyle led the building and installing of picnic tables and benches at Meadow Creek Church in Andover, MN.

Kyle Palzer
Flag Pole Installation

Eagle Scout Awarded: January 8th 2009

Kyle's project involved moving a flag from the Epiphany Cemetery to the Epiphany Fatima Shrine and landscaping around it.

Aaron DeRusha
Lake Access Fence

August 10th 2008

Eagle Scout Awarded: September 25th 2008

Aaron's project 
was building a split rail fence along a non-motorized public access to Coon Lake to define its boundaries and make it recognizable to the public. View more pictures from the project HERE

Jonathan Klemm


Eagle Scout Awarded: September 25th 2008

For his project, Jonathan planned and led landscaping at the Mary Ann Young Senior Center in Blaine, MN.

Brandon Kesler
Personal Care Packages


Eagle Scout Awarded: July 30th 2008

Brandon's project involved gathering sample sized personal care stuff (soap, shampoo, etc), he then put them into personal care packages, and donated them to a homeless youth shelter called The Bridge in Minneapolis, MN.  To see more images of the Eagle Project, click HERE.

Stephen Lietzke
Church Landscaping


Eagle Scout Awarded: July 30th 2008

Stephen led a landscaping project at the Church of St. Paul in Ham Lake, MN.

John Trudeau
Picnic Tables


Eagle Scout Awarded: January 30th 2008

For his project, John planned the pouring of a concrete slab and assembled picnic tables at the Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park, part of the Mississippi
National River & Recreation Area operated by the National Park Service.  The project has since been removed due to a parking lot expansion in the park.

Ryan McDonald
Book Shelf


Eagle Scout Awarded: May 18th 2007

For his project, Ryan collected books for his church 
Spirit of Christ Lutheran in Ham Lake and created a book shelf.  He collected books from his church, local book stores, his parents’ work, and family friends totaling a couple hundred books. He then got wood donated and created a book shelf in a family friend’s shop. He had a group of about 6-8 scouts and 3 adults help with the actual building of the shelf. Once the shelf was constructed it was brought to the church and put it in. They then added all of the books. The shelf also included a place to put the TV and the VHS tapes. He finished the project in the fall of 2006.

Tom Kollodge
Tree Planting


Eagle Scout Awarded: November 21st 2006

Tom led the planting of white pine tree saplings at the Anoka-Ramsey Sanitary Landfill in Ramsey, MN.

Andrew Jacobs


Eagle Scout Awarded: June 22nd 2006


Anthony Lucia
Cemetery Cleaning


Eagle Scout Awarded: April 26th 2006

Anthony led the cleaning of the gravestones at the Epiphany Catholic Cemetery, which involved removing overgrown grass.  View more pictures from the project HERE.

Steve Caron
Landscaping at St. Paul's in Ham Lake


Eagle Scout Awarded: January 4th 2006

For his project, Steve led scouts in landscaping a retaining wall planter outside of the Church of Saint Paul in Ham Lake, MN.

Bradley Klemm
Self Defense Training


Eagle Scout Awarded: July 19th 2005

Brad taught self defense to a women from the Alexandra House, the Alexandra House is a shelter for women effected by domestic violence.

David Rivers
Patriotic Concert 

Eagle Scout Awarded: March 23rd 2005

David gathered a band together to play patriotic music at the Minesota Veteran's Home located adjacent to Minnehaha Park in Minneapolis.

Drew Archibeque
Park Sign


Eagle Scout Awarded: November 17th 2004

For his Eagle Project Drew led the installation of a sign at Fox Run Park in Ham Lake, MN as well as landscaping around the sign.

Travis Holle
Disk Golf


Eagle Scout Awarded: October 13th 2004

​Travis Holle led the installation of a 9 hole disk golf at Family of Christ Lutheran Church in Ham Lake, MN.  Use the interactive map to the right to see the location of all 9 holes or view pictures of the holes HERE.

Andrew Manion


Eagle Scout Awarded: October 12th 2004


Chrsitopher Rivers
Wildlife Restoration


Eagle Scout Awarded: October 12th 2004

Chris's project involved creating bat houses for the City of Andover for placement within the city in multiple parks.  The intent was to help control the mosquito population, since bats eat mosquitos.

Michael Boston
Operation Christmas Child


Eagle Scout Awarded: November 4th 2003

Michael completed his project before he joined our troop with 
Troop 135, Bay-Lakes Council in Wisconsin.   He coordinated the collection of shoe boxes filled with items such as school and art supplies, hygiene items, small toys, hard candy for Operation Christmas Child (part of Samaritan’s Purse) at several of the local Catholic schools in Neenah and Menasha Wisconsin. He collected about 200 boxes.  Learn more about the program HERE.

Kyle Conelly
Picnic Tables at Epiphany Assisted Living


Eagle Scout Awarded: September 24th 2003

For his Eagle Project, Kyle led the installation of picnic tables at the Epiphany Assisted Living for use by the residents and visitors.

Nicholas DeLapp


Eagle Scout Awarded: September 10th 2003


Marc Richmond
Vitamin Drive


Eagle Scout Awarded: November 13th 2002

Marc organized a vitamin drive for the Mission of Mercy in Haiti, a catholic charities organization out of Minneapolis, MN run by a Brother DePaul. Their most needed item were vitamins, so he collected vitamins and donations on four consecutive Sundays in the Epiphany Meeting Rooms. They collected several hundred bottles that equated to several thousand doses of daily vitamins, most of which were the general nutrition (one-a-day) or children's Vitamins. Since food donations were inconsistant, vitamins are essential to helping the people of Haiti obtain the nutrition they need but dont get from the food they have available to them.

Matthew Lietzeke
Tree Planting


Eagle Scout Awarded: November 13th 2002


James Lucia
Head Injury and Bicycle Safety Presentation


Eagle Scout Awarded: October 23rd 2002

James’ project was to put together a presentation about Head Injury and Bicycle Safety for the School children of Epiphany, with a speaker from the Brain Injury Association, film and demonstrations as well as speaking himself.

Will Lind
Sporting Good Drive


Eagle Scout Awarded: June 18th 2001

For his project Will collected sport equipment for a Catholic youth orphanage in Ukraine.

Bryant Untz
Cemetery Cleaning at Epiphany


Eagle Scout Awarded: June 14th 2001

Bryant organized and led the cleaning of the grave stones at Epiphany Cemetery.

Tom Dooher
Floating Habitats


Eagle Scout Awarded: May 9th 2001

project invlolved making floating dock wildlife duck/bird habitats for the Carlos Avery wildlife center

Mike Tran
Trail at L.O. Jacobs Elementary


Eagle Scout Awarded: April 25th 2001

Mike created a trail behind L.O. Jacobs Elementary School.  The trail goes through a small woods behind the school and near their playground.

Kevin Conelly 
Courtyard Landscaping


Eagle Scout Awarded: July 8th 1998

Kevin led the landscaping of the courtyard between the Epiphany Youth Room and Epiphany School.

Brian Ness
Fire Truck Wagons


Eagle Scout Awarded: December 17th 1997

Brian's project involved making fire truck wagons for use by kids at Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids, MN.  Image courtesy of Allina Health and Mercy Hospital.  To see additional images click HERE.

Alan Lind
Epiphany Landscaping


Eagle Scout Awarded: June 6, 1997

Alan's project involved installing concrete wall blocks on the East side of the church foyer, between the church and the cemetery.  Along with adding plants and mulch and installing a sprinkler system.

John Christen
Cemetery Tree Planting

March 1997


Eagle Scout Awarded: April 13th 1997

John led the planting of trees for the 1997 Epiphany Cemetery Expansion, expecially the area near the baby burial portion of the cemetery.

Brian Manion
Wood Steps at Bunker Campground


Eagle Scout Awarded: March 26th 1996

Brian's project involved replacing stairs at the Bunker Hills Regional Park Campground in Coon Rapids, MN.

Scott Voelker
Playground Remodel


Eagle Scout Awarded: March 26th 1996

Scott's project involved redoing the playground at the Anoka County Achieve Center at Trinity Church in Anoka, MN.

Sheldon Rosburg
Athletic Field Improvements


Eagle Scout Awarded: November 19, 1980

Sheldon's project involved making athletic field improvements at the infant Meadow Creek Christian School in Andover, MN.

Bruce Stromgren
Epiphany School Cleanup


Eagle Scout Awarded: September 6, 1967

Bruce's project involved cleaning up some of the construction mess from the creation of Epiphany School.

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