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Welcome to the Troop 524 Member Page

Click "Enter Protected Area" and type in the password to access the page.

The Member page is for use by Boy Scout Troop 524 Registered Members and their Parents ONLY!  

Your information IS being collected, and WILL be shared with law enforcement if you violate the Boy Scout Troop 524  Privacy Policy.

Note: In order to access the member pages, you will need to sign-up and register for the website, by clicking the link in the top right.  You will need to use the email the Troop has on record and you will need to create a password (make it something you can remember as there is no way to retrieve the password if you forget).  All new members will have to be approved before you are given access, you will be emailed when you have been approved.  Click HERE to view a step by step tutorial of the sign up process or watch the video below. 

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