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Troop Trailer

In January 2012 Troop 524 purchased a new troop trailer to replace an older trailer that no longer fit the needs of our expanding troop and also had usability issues.  The trailer was purchased using funds from selling concessions at the Coon Rapids Dam Summer Concert Series.  The trailer was chosen by a special trailer committee that included many troop adult leaders.  The graphics for the trailer were donated by TMG Twin Cities and were designed in collaboration with Troop 524's webmaster and TMG.  The interior of the trailer was designed and built by Troop 524 adult leaders to best suit the needs of the troop.  Below are images of the final trailer, construction of the interior, the design process and initial trailer.


In June 2013, Troop 524 authorized the purchase of a discounted Automated External Defibrillator (AED) for use in the troop trailer.  In the event of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) using an AED within 2 minutes increases survival rates by 60% (OSHA).  Having an AED onsite while camping in remote places will allow us to meet this time.  Now the brand identity (Prepared. For Life.) on the troop trailer design has a whole NEW meaning...we really are PREPARED. FOR LIFE!

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