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Troop 524 Helps Untz Family Despite Rain

October 31, 2015


A group of 524 scout and adult volunteers arived at the Untz farm at 9:30 am, Oct. 31 to take part in a service project, despite a light drizzle. They helped clean up the stations of the cross that the Untz family has built in a small piece of land behind the farm. "Cleaning up" included picking up logs, sticks, and brush and dumping them in a large pile in a small feild to be burned later. 


Mrs.Untz embroiders the names onto the back of all of troop 524's neckerchiefs. In return, the troop was happy to complete the sevice project, cleaning up various parts of the Untz farm. 

Coon Rapids Outstanding Citizen Award Winners

Kyle Palzer Troop 524 Communications Coordinator

October 21, 2014


Troop 524 adult leaders Mark Snell and Jennifer Fritz were receognized for their heroic lifesaving actions on July 31st 2014 at the Coon Rapids Dam.  Mark and Jennifer preformed hands-only CPR on Tim Buck after he suffered a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA).  They did so until an AED arrived on the scene.


The two met Tim at a special event at the Coon Rapids City Hall on October 21, 2014.  This was followed by an official presentation of the awards by the Coon Rapids Mayor Tim Howe.  Nearly two dozen Troop 524 scouts and adults atteneded the presentation.  Media from CTN News and WCCO were also present for the event.   


WCCO Features Troop 524 Lifesavers

John Lauritsen, WCCO 4 News

October 21, 2014


A group of people were honored tonight for saving the life of a Coon Rapids man.  And their rescue was caught on tape.  In July Tim Buck went into Cardiac Arrest while dancing with his wife at a concert at the Coon Rapids Dam.  Suddenly he collapsed and his heart stopped beating.  John Lauritsen shows us there were no shortage of hereos who jumped right in to give Tim a second chance at life.


"I started to do a lot of dancing, I got into it big time" said Tim.  It's not hard to pick out Tim Buck in this crowd.  The guy in the black hat dancing with his wife Fatima.  In a matter of seconds this happy occasion would turn into a lifesaving mission.  


Coon Rapids Boy Scout troop celebrates 50th anniversary

Kyle Palzer ABC Newspapers

September 5, 2014


Boy Scout Troop 524, based out of Epiphany Catholic School in Coon Rapids, celebrated its 50th anniversary the weekend of Aug. 22-24 with a host of activities at the Rum River Scout Camp in Ramsey.


The weekend began with a canoe trip down the Rum River on Friday afternoon, Aug. 22. That evening, they saw birds of prey from the University of Minnesota Raptor Center.


On Saturday, Aug. 23, the Scouts got to do archery, paper rocket launching, tomahawk throwing and go up a rock climbing wall. That evening, former members of Troop 524 came out to celebrate the anniversary. A Mass service was followed by a turkey and pork dinner and a campfire program.


Boy Scout builds pier on pond by Andover stores

Eric Hagen ABC Newspapers

August 29, 2014


John Portesan loves to fish, so a fishing pier seemed a logical Eagle Scout project for the 16-year-old

Andover Boy Scout.  The Muskie Club he formed as a freshman at Andover High School two years ago won’t

be able to find any large fish where the new pier is perched on the man-made pond next to Target. But

Andover Community Development Director Dave Carlberg did see a school of sunfish going after pieces of

bread that someone feeding the geese threw into the pond.


Portesan initially wanted to install a pier at the larger Round Lake, but the Andover Economic Development

Authority that led the development efforts of Andover Station was more interested in getting a pier on the

pond next to Target.  


Troop 524 Eagle Scout Awarded Honor Medal for Lifesaving Actions

Olivia Koester ABC Newspapers

March 20, 2014


When Brian Manion rescued an Andover woman from her burning car, he wasn’t expecting any recognition.


The Boy Scouts of America presented Brian Manion with the prestigious Honor Medal Sunday, March 2, 2014.

Manion was awarded the medal after saving an Andover woman from her burning car. Submitted photo 


He was simply living out the Boy Scouts of America’s slogan: “Do a good turn daily.”  Even after becoming the recipient of the Boy Scouts’ prestigious Honor Medal March 2, Manion remained modest. “I’m a simple person,” he said. “I do what I can.”


Troop 524 Eagle Project featured on Digital Billboards in East Bethel.

Kyle Palzer Troop 524 Communications Coordinator

September, 2013


Andrew Roles installed and landscaped around two

new park signs in the city of East Bethel,MN.  To

recognize his contributions to the city, they

highlighted his Eagle Project on their city digital



The message read "Andrew Roles, Boy Scout, East

Bethel resident, and other scouts from his troop...

He completed 2 city park signs as part of his Eagle

Scout Project.  Thank You Andrew!"

Troop 524 to be featured on Digital Billboards in the Twin Cities.

Kyle Palzer Troop 524 Communications Coordinator

August 28, 2013


In 2012 Northern Star Council used digital billboards for the first time as part of their annual fall recruitment campaign.  After a successful first year they decided to hold a photo contest looking for pictures in two categories, "Proud Scouting Moment" and "Scouts in Action".  After submitting three photos for consideration, the image to the left was chosen as a second place winner in the "Proud Scouting Moment" category, and as such will be featured on digital billboards across the Twin Cities this fall.


The photo shows a scout from Troop 524 and his father receiving his Tenderfoot and Second Class rank advancement at our annual Summer Camp Court of Honor at Tomahawk Scout Reservation.  Scoutmaster Tom Porwoll can also be seen congratulating the scout on his achievement.


Learn more about the 2012 billboard campaign HERE.

Prepared. For Life. Has a Whole NEW Meaning!

Kyle Palzer Troop 524 Communications Coordinator

June 13, 2013


Boy Scout Troop 524 has been preparing young men for almost 50 years for leadership, service, learning, education, and adventure.  These qualities culminate into preparing them for life, and everything life throws their way, including the unexpected.


On Monday June 10, Troop 524 authorized the purchase of a discounted Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to be used in our troop trailer.  An AED is intended for use when someone undergoes a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) which is a condition in which the heart suddenly and unexpectedly stops beating. If this happens, blood stops flowing to the brain and other vital organs.  It has been proven that using an AED on a victim within the first two minutes, combined with chest compressions can increase survival rates by 60%!


Since Troop 524 often camps in some remote places, like many scout troops, having access to an AED can greatly improve the time we can now get an AED onto a victim, versus waiting for medical help to arrive.  Troop 524 also had all of our adult and youth members trained in how to use an AED back in March 2013 with the help of the Coon Rapids Heart Safe Community initiative, which is working to turn Coon Rapids into a certified American Heart Association Heart Safe Community.  This designation requires a certain number of residents trained, and a certain number of AED's placed in businesses within the community.


Therefore, Prepared. For Life. is more than just a slogan referring to training young men, but now with an AED onboard our trailer truly is PREPARED. FOR LIFE!

Bishop Lee Piche (Left) and Robert Plante (Right) at the March 2010 Religious Awards Ceremony at the Basilica of St. Mary

A Note from [Blaine High School] Principal Phelps...

John Phelps Blaine High School Principal (published in school's monthly e-newsletter)

May 16, 2013


Spring Beautification

This past weekend one of our students, Troy Quesnell (Troop 524 Life Scout), elected to do something to improve the appearance of our building. He had noticed that some of our building and grounds were run down, needed maintenance, fresh plantings and mulch.  

It isn’t easy to find the time at Blaine to be able to do a major renovation because all of the outdoor activities when the weather is nice. With 31 other student volunteers, they couldn’t take time out of the school day, so they worked Saturday morning. To undertake a project of this nature and have it completed before other activities came in, Troy organized 60 individuals that put in over 170 hours in preparation and execution of this project. He solicited donations of equipment, supplies and money to help with the [Eagle] project. He set out to make a difference and he did. Next time you are at Blaine I hope you notice the difference. Thank you to Troy, students, his scout troop and the many, many individuals that helped. Thank you all for making Blaine High School a Grrrrrrrreat Place to be.

Troop Adult Chaplain Earns the St. George Award

Kyle Palzer Troop 524 Communications Coordinator

March 16, 2013


Boy Scout Troop 524 adult Chaplain Robert Plante has been nominated and will receive the St. George Religious Award at the Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis on May 18, 2013.  The St. George Award is given to Scouters and non-Scouters alike, who have made significant and outstanding contributions to the spiritual development of Catholic youths through Scouting.  The award is given by the National Catholic Committee on Scouting (NCCS).  St. George is the patron Saint of Boy Scouts around the world, hence the name of the award.

Qualifications for the award include; Promoting the religious emblems programs for Catholic youths or serving as a counselor, moderator or coordinator, giving notable service in promoting Catholic activities and service projects for the church, and Educating clergy and laity about Scouting and its benefits to the Catholic Church.

Robert has completed all of these tasks, serving as the counselor for both Boy Scout Catholic Religious Emblems (Ad Altari De, Pope Pius XII) serving as an alter server at Epiphany and proactively working with Epiphany clergy to promote scouting in the religious community.

Scout Troop Joins Heart Safe Community

Peter Bodley Managing Editor ABC Newspapers 

March 6, 2013


A Coon Rapids Boy Scout troop has joined the efforts of the Coon Rapids Police Department to have Coon Rapids certified as an American Heart Association Heart Safe Community.

Boy Scout Troop 524 out of Church of the Epiphany hosted a training session Feb. 25 in the use of CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation) and AED (automated external defibrillators) operation for both its Scouts and adult leaders.

And in doing so the troop became the first community organization to have this life saving training through the heart safe community project.

According to Kyle Palzer, Boy Scout Troop 524 communications coordinator and Heart Safe Community outreach coordinator, there were 45 Scouts and 30 adult leaders who took the training session.

Local Boy Scouts Learn How to Use AEDs

Steve Ericson CTN News Anchor

March 1, 2013

The push to make Coon Rapids a Heart Safe Community took a big step forward this week, with the first public AED training class.  Dozens of Boy Scouts from Troop 524, along with their parents, took part in a training session Monday night at Epiphany School.  They learned what to do if someone goes into sudden Cardiac Arrest and even got hands on training at stations set up in the school cafeteria.  Scout leaders decided to get involved after hearing about the Heart Safe Community Initiative.  “It speaks volumes for what the Boy Scout program does.  We tell our kids one of our mottos is to Be Prepared and I think it’s a way for these scouts to start to be prepared for all kinds of situations, and we’re really glad to step on board and we’re hoping more people join the movement as well” said Kyle Palzer an adult volunteer for the Troop.  Troop 524 hopes other scout groups in the city also get the AED training.  To schedule a free training session for your group or business call Paul Mendoza at 612-325-3465 we also have a link to the Coon Rapids Heart Safe Community Facebook group on our website at

CTN Studios features Troop 524 on their Facebook Page
Steve Ericson CTN News Anchor

February 25, 2013

CTN Studios which airs CTN News every Friday at 5 PM for Coon Rapids residents visited our Troop meeting to record the first Heart Safe Community training event.  The initiative seeks to train as many members of the community as possible on how to perform CPR and use AED's.

"Boy Scouts from Troop 524 learn how to use AEDs as part of the push to make Coon Rapids a Heart Safe Community.  More this Friday at 5pm on CTN News."

Learn more about CTN News:

or follow them on Facebook:
CTN Studios

Coon Rapids Concert Series moves to Sand Creek Park

Peter Bodley Managing Editor ABC Newspapers 

June 20, 2012


There will be a different venue for the third concert of the Coon Rapids Arts Commission’s annual free summer series.

Instead of the Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park performance pavilion, where eight of the nine concerts in the series will take place, the Thursday, June 21, 7 p.m., concert featuring country music star and former Coon Rapids resident Rockie Lynne will be at Sand Creek Park.

“We are expecting a large crowd and Sand Creek Park has more room,” said Kris Linquist, deputy city clerk and staff liaison to the arts commission.
Lynne has appeared nationally on “Good Morning America,” CMT, GAC, The Grand Ole Opry “Live” and Fox News.

His debut single, “Lipstick,” spent 10 consecutive weeks in the No. 1 slot on Billboard’s Country Singles Sales chart.

Scouts test their skills on "The Amazing Race"

Tammy Sakry ABC Newspapers

May 25, 2012


Twenty-six teams set out on “The Amazing Race” to visit 14 countries.

The teams were comprised of Boy Scout troops from the Three Rivers District and the race was at the district’s annual Spring Camporee.
During the race, teams had to complete both physical and mental challenges, including solving clues to figure out their next destination and figuring out how to lift a tire over a long pole in less than a minute.

Teams from throughout Anoka and Isanti counties competed in the race.

“The Scouts were from the Three Rivers District which is all of Anoka and

Isanti counties,” said Jamie Lamprecht, Three Rivers District director. “We

had 691 Scouts in attendance this weekend; it was our largest

districtwide event.”

Christopher Thomas of Troop 524, located at the Church of the Epiphany in Coon Rapids, rings the bell at the top of the rope.  Photo by ABC Newspapers.

Epiphany Extra Front Page​

Gabe Andrzejek and Kyle Palzer

February 2012 Edition Issue 5 Volume 5


Troop 524 had articles about an Eagle Project one of our scouts did (he wrote the article) and a smaller section talking about our involvement with Scout Sunday at Epiphany Church and our annual Pancake Breakfast that was held that day.  Read the "Epiphany Extra" front page articles by clicking the pdf document on the right.

Epiphany Extra February 2012

Blaine Teen Earns Eagle Scout​

North Metro TV Channel 15

October 26, 2010 


Eagle Scout is the highest rank attainable in the Boy Scouts. Since its introduction in 1911, the Eagle Scout rank has been earned by more than 2 million young men. And this week, Matthew Krepsky, a senior from Blaine High School completed some of the final steps in the process to become the newest member of that group.

For his Eagle Scout project, he built a memorial garden at fire station three in Blaine, memorializing three children who lost their lives in a van fire in Blaine in 2002.

In addition to an Eagle Scout Project, in order to become an Eagle Scout, the scout must earn 21 merit badges, and have been a Life Scout for at least six months.

The memorial garden dedication ceremony was attended by scouts, police officers, firefighters, and family members of the children who are being memorialized.


Blaine Eagle Scout Honored

Photos by Tim Hennagir ABC Newspapers​

June 26, 2009


Mayor Tom Ryan reads a proclamation in front of the Blaine City Council June 18 honoring Blaine resident and Eagle Scout Andrew Jacobs for work associated with his Eagle Scout award.

Jacobs planted and placed mulch around six new trees, installed and painted a new park bench, painted seven existing park benches, built a retaining wall planter around the Carrara East Park sign at the east entrance, filled it with blackdirt, placed mulch and planted perennials and low growing shrubs.

The project in Carrara Park, 13129 Eldorado St. N.E., required a combined total of over 206 hours of work involving 43 volunteers consisting of fellow scouts, family, friends and neighbors. The work was completed on May 16.

Click for Pictures from the Event

Seven Blaine Eagle Scouts are Honored​

Sue Austreng ABC Newspapers​

June 3, 2009


Bestowed the prestigious and hard-fought Eagle Scout award during a May 31 court of honor were Troop 524’s Kyle Brandes, Aaron DeRusha, Jonathan Klemm, Patrick McDonald, Ryan McDonald, Bruce Thibodeau and Jeremy Wolf.
“These boys have been Scouting together since they were Cubs in first- or second-grade at Johnsville Elementary School,” said  Tim DeRusha.

Along the way, two of the Cubs lost their dads. Bruce Thibodeau Sr. and Kevin McDonald died when their boys – Bruce Thibodeau and Ryan and Patrick McDonald – were just getting their Scouting feet wet.
Pressing on, honoring their fathers and keeping them alive in their tender Scouting hearts, Bruce, Ryan and Patrick continued earning merit badges and climbing the ladder toward Eagle status.

Through the years, as the seven young Johnsville Cubs climbed the scouting ranks to Boy Scout status, they formed a patrol with Troop 524 and began meeting at Epiphany Catholic Church, Coon Rapids.

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