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On my honor...duty to God and my country

Scouting helps youth to do their duty to God and to their country. Scouting builds character and teaches devotion to God in an way that provides wholesome fun under the guidance of strong adult role models. The scouting programs provide a wonderful channel to involve youth in the life of their faith community.

Young people experience Scouting as a growth into personal maturity and social responsibility. They learn to assume their role in life with a high degree of commitment, and to care for others who are less fortunate. They develop a strong desire to build a culture of goodwill, respect for the environment and acceptance of duties.

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The sections below provide a look at the Cathoilc Religious Emblems available to Scouts and Adults in the Scouting Program.   If you aren't Catholic, please click the Boy Scouts of America Religious Emblems website link below to  find the Religious Emblem for you.  You can also contact Troop 524's Chaplain Mr. Plante, and he will help you find a counselor for your faith's Religious Emblem.

Catholic Religious Emblems

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Catholic Religious Events
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